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A Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, Now You Know One!

Posted by Karen on April 7, 2023

Are you a member of the Sandwich Generation?

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10 Tips To Help You Start Downsizing

Why Everyone Should Know A Seniors Real Estate Specialist®

Why Age Doesn’t Matter

Even if you aren’t at the point in your life where you are considering downsizing your home or where you will live in your retirement years, you more than likely know a family member or a friend’s family member who is at that point in their life.

Real estate agents play a significant role in helping a homeowner downsize their home. 

Whether the homeowner is selling their long-time family home to move to a condo, bungalow or villa property, or they are moving to a retirement community or assisted living facility, a real estate agent for seniors can help get them on their way.

Why Choose A Seniors Real Estate Specialist®?

When a homeowner is downsizing, usually later in life, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® is a strong ally for them.

A real estate agent for seniors is licensed in residential real estate and has gone a step further: they have been trained to understand the needs of senior homeowners.

When a real estate agent chooses to work with homeowners who are baby boomers, or people in their retirement and downsizing phase of life, they often decide to complete specialized training in this area and receive their Seniors Real Estate Specialist® designation. 

This helps that agent to be better qualified to assist this demographic with their real estate goals and plans.

Just In Case

Why does EVERYONE need to know a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, even if they aren’t anywhere needing one themselves? 

Many adults have parents or other family members who are seniors or have friends who have seniors in their family.  Sometimes they all live near each other, but sometimes they live far from each other. 

Even if they all live near each other, not all of the younger adults in a senior’s life are available to be hands-on support due to other responsibilities like raising children or travelling for work. 

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can help guide the downsizing homeowner through their next steps and be a link between family members, and help to make the experience as smooth, comfortable and stress-free as possible

Here are some of the ways in which a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® can help:

Extra help and guidance

There are many seniors who are living alone in their family home and just aren’t sure of the next steps. 

If their relatives don’t live nearby to help them get started, they could enlist the help of a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®.   

A realtor who is trained to work with seniors will set up a free consultation to talk about how the home sale will work and will present the options for how to proceed.  

Depending on the situation, a few consultations might be needed to make certain that the homeowner is one hundred percent informed and comfortable.  

If it is the homeowner’s  wish, they can bring a remote relative into the process through phone calls and email.

Calm pace 

The home selling experience is complex and many ideas and contracts are presented during the process.   

If the homeowner has not been through the home selling process in many years they will find that a lot has changed. 

A good Seniors Real Estate Specialist® knows if their client would benefit from having things presented in a slower-paced format.  

The client can then relax and feel that at each point they have time to properly sift and digest the information without being pressured or rushed. 

As a result, everything is thoroughly understood and stress levels are much lower.

Contracts in plain words 

Before a sale occurs, the realtor will review all the usual contracts with the seller.

This extra consultation will prepare the client for all the paperwork that will occur during the transaction and allow for questions to be asked, or address concerns early so that when an actual offer is made, the homeowner will clearly know what they’re signing, why they are signing it and what the expectations for the outcomes will be.

I have written several articles and recorded several videos on topics of interest to senior homeowners and their families. Here is the link for you to easily access them: Seniors Real Estate articles and videos

If you would like to chat with me about any real estate goals, I would be happy to hear from you!

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10 Tips To Help You Start Downsizing

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