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How To Know When It’s Time To Go

Posted by Karen on December 7, 2022

Updated December 7, 2022

As a real estate agent for seniors I have encountered many people who are struggling with the big decision:

Is It Time To Move?

It’s not easy to move on from the family home that you have spent many years in. You enjoyed life in that home for a long time, and it is full of treasured memories. Deciding to downsize from that home takes a lot of careful thought.

You may already know that it is the right thing to do, and it is the right time. But that doesn’t mean the decision is easy.

Big Changes

Maybe there have been some big changes in your life. If so, this is could be one of the reasons you are thinking about moving.

Maybe you have recently retired, or the last of the kids have moved out, or you are feeling like you no longer want to look after your house, or you are feeling less able to look after your house.

You have questions about whether or not this is the right time to move, or you are wondering if it’s just the right time to start planning for a move in the not-too-distant future.

Scroll down to find some questions you can be asking yourself to help you decide if it’s time to move. And/or click on the video below that I created for you where I talk about this topic.

Here is a short video for you that will help with your decision-making process

Here are some of the best questions to ask yourself as you consider taking your next steps…

  • Will my current home and location meet my needs as I age?
  • Am I factoring in the value of my home as part of my retirement plan?
  • My home may be my castle, but does my home fit my lifestyle needs?

So, what do I mean by “lifestyle”?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you determine your lifestyle needs:

  • Have your children moved out?
  • Do you need all that space?
  • Are there too many rooms not being used?
  • Why are you heating and cooling all of that unused space?
  • Is it too big to clean and too expensive to maintain?
  • Do you eventually want to travel for extended periods of time each year? Would you like to live in a place where you can just lock the door and leave without the worry of having someone come and check on your home while you are away?
  • Is this low-maintenance, low-worry lifestyle something that appeals to you and you are ready for?
  • This time in your life is a very exciting one!

By asking yourself the right questions, you will be able to decide what is right for YOU.

Karen Hutchinson, REALTOR® and Seniors Real Estate Specialist™

I’m your real estate agent for seniors in Calgary

As you work your way through the process of deciding if and when to sell your house, please enjoy this list of tips to help you start downsizing. Click on “Free Download” below, follow the prompts, and this list will be delivered to your email Inbox within minutes!

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